Born in 1990 from a French-Vietnamese father and a Catalan mother, she is raised by the latter in a suburb of Paris.
In 2010, she joins the Beaux-Arts of Biarritz and develops intensively painting.
In 2014, with three friends, they visit by train, bus and boat, 13 europeen countries and end up on the Lofoten Islands to observe the Aurora Borealis. 
The other half of the year, she experiments several practices in the United States and starts to draw very raw life scenes with black felt-tip pen.
In 2015, after graduation, she moves to São Paolo, Brazil, where she studies Philosophy at the PUC university, enthusiastically discovers Foucault's thoughts, and assists several artists during a year.
After three residencies, at les Ateliers Wonder, Dune Pondicherry and la Villa Belleville, in the end of 2017, she creates and self-publishes with Vincent Chéry Le livre O, a graphic novel that evokes parallel universes and worlds existing on top of each other.
Since 2018, she lives in Carrara, Italy where she is deeply focused on the practise of oil painting.

She has regularly exhibited her work in Paris and several cities in France, in São Paulo, Brussels and Carrara. Le livre O was distributed, among others, by the Centre Pompidou and the Palais de Tokyo.